A Christian Asked Ashton What To Pray For On National TV, His Reply Silenced The Room

We all know Ashton Kutcher for his cheerful demeanor and playful personality, but behind the happiness lies a drive to stop one of the world’s most terrible, and rarely discussed, problems.

Ashton revealed his battle against this epidemic in an interview on the Today Show and explained how he plans to stop it all together….

When Ashton Kutcher stepped onto the Today Show set for his interview, everything started in his typical light-hearted and fun attitude. But, after covering all of the things going right for the actor, Kathy Lee Gifford asked what they could pray for him about.

Without missing a beat, Ashton came back with a sobering response:

“You know what you can pray for me about? I’ve got something.

I made a pledge that I was going to start fighting human trafficking. I started a foundation called ‘Thorn’ with my ex-wife and we’re building digital tools to fight human trafficking.

So basically, the purchase and commerce of human trafficking is happening online, just like everything else now. We’re building digital tools to fight back against it.”

According to the Polaris Project, an organization dedicated to informing the public about the epidemic, 1 out of every 6 runaway children is swept into the dark underworld of sex trafficking. The problem isn’t just happening in the United States, but in nearly every country around the world!


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Ashton explained to the Huffington Post that this cause was something that he knew he needed to get involved with as soon as he became aware of the crisis.

“I was watching six and seven-year-old girls being raped for profit. I said to myself: I don’t want to live in a world where these things are happening and I’m not doing anything about them.”

So he and his ex-wife, Demi Moore, founded Thorn and their work began immediately, pledging to save as many trafficking victims and apprehend as many traffickers as humanly possible.

Ashton’s organization kept its word and has since done everything in its power to stop this vicious and disgusting criminal industry.

“We’ve built a tool to help law enforcement prioritize their caseload, recover victims and find traffickers. We’ve found, identified and recovered over 6,000 trafficking victims this year. We’ve found and identified over 2,000 traffickers.

My next commitment [is]…. that I’m going to eliminate child pornography from the Internet.”

See how you can make a difference with this noble cause through volunteering, donations, updates and more by visiting the Thorn website.


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Listen to Ashton’s emotional interview on the Today Show below.

Although it will take and dedication to eradicate both problems for good, Ashton doesn’t plan on giving up any time soon!