Blonde Woman Gets Off Plane, Approaches Coffin- Doesn’t Realize She’s Being Filmed

Lisa West Williams had just touched down at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, North Carolina, when she witnessed a heartbreaking moment with another passenger and a fallen hero. The women, known as Tara, was escorted off the jetliner prior to her fellow passengers to allow her to mourn the loss of her husband. Green Beret Shawn Thomas was only 35 years old when we he was killed in a non-combat vehicle accident on his eighth deployment to Niger, Africa on February 2, 2017. Mr Thomas was no stranger to life in the military, having previously served in Iraq and Afghanistan, earning several awards for his service, specifically two Bronze Stars and a promotion to Warrant Officer. It is undeniable that Mr Thomas displayed bravery, perseverance and compassion, a factor which made his loss even more heart-wrenching for his wife.

As Tara leaned her head and placed a gentle hand against the flag draped coffin, the true reality of her loss became clear to onlookers aboard the plane. Leaving behind a loving wife and four children, the loss was tangible amongst the passengers and crew aboard the plane with some later stating “It was an honor to fly home with this PATRIOT!” The Third Special Forces Group also extended their condolences and expressed the magnitude of their sorrow of the loss of Shawn Thomas: “Our deepest condolences go out to Warrant Officer Thomas’ family, friends and colleagues.”

 Ms William’s, having decided to record the intimate moment for her children, can be heard crying along with other passengers as they observed from inside the plane, watching as loved ones surrounded Lisa and attempted to console her: “…there was not a dry eye around me.” Ms Williams has become aware of the second video recording and has given her blessing for the video to be shared on the internet, hoping that it would emphasize the immense sacrifices members of the military and their loved ones make and the suffering they endure for their country. With over 10 million views, this message has definitely reached the hearts of many.

Source: Little Things


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