Dad Lets Daughter Choose Own Outfit For Picture Day. Now That Photo Is Going Viral

It looks like Halloween came a little early this year!

When it was time for picture day, this little girl’s parents let her pick out what she wanted to wear. I don’t think they were expecting her to pick out this outfit, but they decided to go ahead and let her wear it anyway!



“My daughter got to pick what she wore for her school pictures,” the caption reads. “Daddy approves.”

Some parents might be appalled at the thought of their daughter wearing a Super-Woman costume for a picture that will be put in yearbooks and hung on walls, but we love that these parents let their daughter shine in the outfit she loves most!

And really, the best use for school pictures is to look back at them years later and have a good laugh. We’re sure this family will be pulling this photo out for years to come!

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