Guy Confronts Women Stealing His Property. Leads To Embarrassing Moment Of Karma [video]

So it is another sunny day at the beach. You are relaxing with you family and friends when you all decide to step away for a few minutes, and when you come back, two women are stealing your stuff. Who hasn’t been there?

Well, we just found a shocking video taken by a man in New Smyrna Beach, on the Atlantic coast of Florida. In it, he returns to his family’s canopy to find two women trying to disassemble it and make off with his beach chairs and boogie boards also. You are not going to believe the thieves reactions when you see this astounding clip.

 As shocking as their brazen indifference to other people’s private property was their attitude when the rightful owner confronted them. He gave them a simple out that would have allowed them to walk away with little more than egg on their face.

But when they respond, they actually go on the offensive, as if they are the injured party.

Needless to say, this video has become legendary on YouTube where it has garnered more than fourteen and a half million views. These two ladies will likely never be able to visit a beach again after being plastered all over the internet acting like common thugs.

People have taken to social media and the internet in near universal condemnation of the two women, saying things like:

“Some people have a lot of nerve!”- Candi Brajcki

“I would have cussed there ass out then called my wife and tell her to come whoop there ass”- Matthew Carderara

“You have got to be kidding! The nerve of some people I’m surprised he kept his cool most guys would have lost it.”- Joy Wahlberg

“Wow. damn thieves have some nerve. A lot of us actually work hard for what we own, throw them in prison have their stuff taken from them! Wait that doesn’t help either.”- Amy Phillips

 “Wouldn’t have been as nice as him! Call the cops have their arsed chucked in jail. Cheeky bastards!”- Glynn Walker

“Apparently those women later claimed that they weren’t trying to steal his stuff, they simply mistook his canopy for their own, but that kinda suspends some disbelief there. For starters, they really thought all that stuff was their own? Either they have identical items or they weren’t paying attention to what they were packing up. Second, I find it hard to believe they would set up a canopy on the beach and then just forget where they put it. I know other canopies are there, but it wouldn’t be that hard. And to top it all off, that one women had no right to get angry at the man, when they are the ones who nearly carted away with his stuff.”- ShinobiPXO

“Did she say she’s gonna put the camera in the grass… Whilst on a sandy beach?”- Doesntmatter

“I wonder if anybody who knows these two thieving females outed them online anywhere.”- AlwaysPatriotic

“I love how chill the guy was.”- Story Time

How crazy does someone have to be to try and get offended when being caught red handed stealing someone else’s property? What do you think of these women? Share your thoughts with us here.