Mother Forced To Remove Deceased 4-Year-Old’s Headstone Because Of Just One Complaint

One complaint and a mother had to remove her 4-year-old son’s headstone. Jo Corbett-weeks, 42, saved $4,580 to have a headstone that featured a teddy bear holding a star with an inscription to her son made.


Max Corbett-Gardener died from complications from epilepsy died when he was four years old. The headstone was placed on Max’s grave, in Great Malvern Cemetery, to commemorate what would have been his seventh birthday.

star headstone


Three days after the headstone was erected, it was taken down by council chiefs in Worcestershire. One family had complained to the Malvern Town Council. They claimed the headstone was not “in keeping” with the cemetery.

The headstone was taken down without Corbett-Weeks consent or knowledge, and she is demanding that it be put back. She and her family just want a place to grieve.

star headstone


The council stated that if the application for the stone had been submitted within the usual time, they would not have allowed the stonemason to place it in the first place. Max was buried in the adult area of the cemetery so he could be close to family. A star in the children’s area would have been allowed.


star headstone


A Malvern Town Council spokesman said the quick action was necessary because the longer the stone was allowed to stay, the harder it would have been to remove it.

The complaint, he added, wasn’t really about the shape itself, but that the proper protocol hadn’t been followed