Police Dog Latches Onto Punk Who Ran From Officers- Humiliates Him In Worst Possible Way

Birmingham resident Osama Ansi was known for driving fast and recklessly. One day Ansi drove over 85 miles per hour. His dangerous driving caused him to crash his car. He tried to abandon the car and started to run away. Little did he know, there was a van behind him with a German Shepherd in the back seat. The dog ran after Ansi, catching his jacket in his mouth, although that was not all that was happening. The German Shepherd started humping Ansi and his owner was not able to stop him. He called the police for help: they arrived promptly. He was immediately arrested when the German Shepherd let go of his clothes.

The prosecutor on the case told the press, “Unbeknown to the defendant there was a dog van following the car. How can I say it? The defendant and the dog became closely acquainted, somewhat closely attached for some time.” Ansi told police he was scared his blood alcohol level would be over the legal limit. However, he passed a breathalyzer test. Ansi had been on the police’s radar for quite some time as they had gotten numerous reports of a fast car matching his description in the area. The court could use that information to try to get a maximum sentence for Ansi.


 His attorney defended him in court, “He had consumed some alcohol. He panicked. He realizes now that his behaviour was foolish.”

According to the Transport Research Library,
1) “Young and novice drivers are overrepresented in road collisions in Great Britain (GB) and worldwide.”
2) “22% of fatalities on GB’s roads in 2011 occurred in collisions involving a driver aged 17 to 24 years old.”
3) “In 65% of these collisions the fatal injuries were sustained by passengers or road users other than the young driver.”

The verdict in the case is not known but it is clear from these statistics that Ansi will most likely not be getting off easy for his reckless behavior.

Source: Birmingham Mail

Photos: Mad World News