Teen Snaps Selfie During Fishing Trip, Captures Something Shocking On Accident

So many people claim to have seen ghosts that it is hard not to believe they are real. Many of these people can actually back up their claims of seeing ghosts with some kind of physical evidence. Quite a few folks have even managed to snap photographs that purportedly show ghosts.

A teenager named Haley Olgetree and her younger brother Kolton recently went fishing with their grandparents to celebrate Kolton’s 12th birthday.


 Keep in mind that Haley, Kolton, and their grandparents were the only people fishing at the Tifton, Georgia, pond that afternoon.

Toward the end of the fishing trip, Kolton was putting away his supplies and the tackle box and Haley was sitting in the truck waiting. She decided to snap a selfie with her brother in the background

Haley took the picture, but when she looked at it closely a little later, she noticed an image of a strange man standing next to Kolton.
Moreover, her brother said he didn’t see anybody standing next to him when the picture was snapped.

When Haley, realized that she had apparently caught a ghost on camera, her mom Jessica said her daughter freaked out.

Of note, Haley posted the picture with the mysterious man on social media and hundreds of people have commented on it.

A few are skeptical about the pic:

Mandy Smith notes: “I’m a believer and I’ve seen and photographed, but I’m not one to fall for baloney. The “figure” looks almost perforated as does the shadow on the guys shirt. I can think of a few ways this would be done, but I don’t think it’s real. Not discrediting anyone, it just looks like a trick.”

Debbie Dodson remarked: “ What was the shadow from in the green shirt? Looks like the ghost is looking that way could be talking to someone that way which cast the shadow off the green shirt. maybe trying to warn you of something? Thats how i always think when a ghost comes out.”

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Facebook

 Do you think it’s real?