This Dad’s Reaction To His Rainbow Baby Being Born Is Beyond Moving



The birth of a child can be an overwhelmingly emotional experience, especially when the parents are expecting a “rainbow baby,” which is a baby born following either a:

  • Miscarriage,
  • Stillbirth,
  • Neonatal death,
  • Infant loss.

The term “rainbow baby” comes from the idea that the parents had just endured a metaphorical storm after experiencing loss. Rainbows tend to follow storms, which is why the birth following a loss is associated with a bright and beautiful band of colors.

One birth photographer captured the heartwarming moment a father held his rainbow baby and the emotional image has managed to go viral as a reminder of triumph.

Leilani Rogers has been photographing the miracle of birth for over 6 years. She’s been voted Austin’s Best Birth Photographer for three consecutive years and her work has been featured in multiple publications.


Birthing photography

Hope and Hunter Madden hired Rogers to shoot the welcoming of their baby girl, but the couple had been through a lot in the past. Their experiences made their birth reactions all the more moving.

HopeFacebook / Leilani Rogers

The Maddens had previously experienced loss due to miscarriage and struggled with infertility, which made the birth of their rainbow baby an overwhelmingly emotional experience.


I knew [the couple] would be overcome with joy and relief the minute their baby girl was in their arms,” Rogers told POPSUGAR. “I was anticipating it. They were very connected during the birth.”


One of Roger’s photos in particular, the tender moment Hunter holds his baby girl for the first time, moved the Internet to tears and became a viral sensation.

Hunter Evelyn

This is a story about a mom and a dad who went through loss and persistence to get their baby,” Rogers wrote in the photo’s caption. “That tattoo on his chest was done after their first miscarriage, and now his daughter lies her sweet head against it. Both of them a reminder of triumph.”


While birth photography is incredibly personal and usually more for the parents, this photo has managed to speak to many who can either relate or are just moved by the father’s emotions.


I loved every minute I spent with them,” Rogers said. “To be in the presence of such a supportive partner and strong woman (her labor lasted 40 hours!) was such an honor.”