Woman’s Post About Target’s Bathroom Policy Causes Controversy, Goes Viral


Much controversy over bathroom rights have been stirred up in the past couple of years, and people on both sides of the issue are firm in their stance. One woman let her local Target know in no uncertain terms that if they were going to allow people to use the bathroom of their choice, she would no longer be shopping at the store. She started an online campaign.

Maggi Ann was concerned about the bathroom policy in her local stores. She went to Target, where she frequently shops, and asked the what their bathroom policy is. Maggi didn’t mention sexual orientation or gender identification, she simply requested the basic policy.

“[The manager] hesitantly answered with what we are all aware of, that both the male and female restrooms are now neither; they’re gender neutral,” said Maggi.

“So if I were to walk into the restroom labeled women’s right now, a man could legally walk in right behind me with no questions asked?” Maggi responded.


The manager nodded and said ‘yes’.

Maggi doesn’t have any personal feelings about transgendered people. She feels no bigotry toward them, she says, or whatever lifestyle people choose to lead.

What Maggie is worried about is safety. While bathroom choice rules are put in place to protect transgendered people, they take away protection from everyone else. Someone doesn’t have to be transgendered to take advantage of the policies, which allow any pervert to walk into whichever bathroom he wants, for whatever sinister purpose he has.

Since attention has been brought to these bathroom policies, a number of cases have involved non-transgendered men using them as a way to get into women’s dressing rooms and bathrooms. A few women have suffered the indignity of being filmed; at least a few female children have been assaulted by men in ladies’ rooms because the men were allowed to simply walk in without being questioned. Store employees are afraid to question, because they’re afraid of bad press or even lawsuits.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not worried about sharing a bathroom with someone that’s transgender, lesbian, bisexual, etc.,” Maggie wrote in a Facebook campaign #byeTarget. “I’m worried about going into a bathroom with my beautiful blonde haired niece, and a man LEGALLY being able to waltz in right behind us with no one stopping him. We need to wake up to what’s happening around us and stand up for what we believe in.”

Her post has gone viral, and been shared hundreds of thousands of times. The country needs to find a way to protect transgendered people, but not by putting other people at risk.

Source: Mad World News
Photo: Facebook/Maggie Ann